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(PBC) The Palm Beach County Health Care District has a “Phreesia” form for requesting a vaccination. They are only scheduling vaccination appointments for individuals who called before Jan. 19, and are on their waiting list. This will change as more vaccine becomes available. Their web site is This site has status information, and a blue “Click Here” button to go to their online “Covid-19 Vaccine Request Form”. Alternatively, the online form can be accessed directly at

As posted 1/21 by Ronni Bergman, the form is filled out online, and after you submit it, you get an email confirmation. It has two locations. If you get an appointment for a vaccination at John Prince Park in Lake Worth, prepare to park your car and wait on line, so bring a chair, water, and a hat.

(Fairgrounds) Vaccinations at the South Florida Fairgrounds are schedule by the Palm Beach County Health Care District (see above). Signup is at These vaccinations are being given indoors. It is not a drive thru. Ethel Schweitzer went on Friday and had no  wait.

(Hard Rock) 786-629-5752 -Miami Dade state-run vaccine scheduling line. Call for an appointment at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, near the Florida Turnpike. Calls from Hard Rock for second shots seem to be coming from Odessa, FL. When you get the first shot, you will automatically be scheduled for your next shot. For the second shot, bring your white vaccination card containing the date of your second appointment. If you have the form with the bar code, bring that also. If not, they will give you one, so bring a pen. You can come early since they only check the date, not the time of appointment. The total time people spent at Hard Rock ranged from 3 hours to 5 hours. Jill Rader Levine said that for the second shot, she needed to fill out and sign a Consent form, available at   The Elwells reported that they did not have an appointment or a confirmation call for their second shot, but the date was on their vaccination card, so they went and did not have a problem

(Publix) – Appointments for the vaccine are scheduled through this website, not by calling stores or pharmacy departments. No walk-ins. The vaccine is Moderna. The website is available for appointments on Mon, Wed and Fri, starting at 7:00 am. Be prepared with your Medicare number, FL driver’s license, and emergency contact. On the site, select Florida. When the registration window is open, you’ll be directed to a waiting area with a countdown clock. From there, you would scroll to select the county, where each county shows the number of appointments still available. You’ll then be taken to another page where you can enter your personal information. When you book an appointment, make sure to fill in the checkmark on the last page, and then confirm. If you can’t get the date and time, you have to start over. An appointment is made automatically for your second dose four weeks later, at the same Publix, the same day of the week, and the same time as your first appointment. You will have an opportunity to make appointments for three other individuals, but you will have to fill out a new form for each, and the appointments may be on a different day at a different Publix. You can’t change or cancel an appointment. You must go back and make a new appointment. The vaccine will not be wasted if you do not show up.

(Walmart) Walmart Pharmacies are ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. To check availability and schedule an appointment, go to Click “Schedule now”. Enter your location (zip code). For 33437, there is one location: Pompano Beach Walmart Supercenter, 2300 W Atlantic Blvd (20 miles away).. Select the store location (Pompano), click “Continue”. Check a box for eligibility and click “Confirm”. That will bring you to the “Reserve a time slot”, but there may not be any slots at the time you try. Arlene Kupchik says they open the site for appointments every night at midnight.

(VA) Veterans Administration West Palm Beach 422-5220 – Appointments are limited to Veterans who are already registered at the VA and are at least 65 years old. Vaccinations can be scheduled for either West Palm Beach or the Delray clinic, but as of 2/12/21, the Delray clinic is out of vaccine. The Delray VA clinic is at 4800 Linton Blvd..

(Broward) Broward Department of Health  866-201-6313 (TTY 833-476-1526). Vaccinations are by appointment only. Seniors 65 and older can call to request an appointment. Enter information on your phone’s keypad. Live agents will call people back to make appointments. Vaccinations are given at Tradewinds Park, Markham Park, Snyder Park,  Vista View Park, and other locations. When you get the first shot, you will automatically be scheduled for your next shot, and they will give you another copy of the same form you filled out for the first shot. You need that form at the time of the second shot. You can also print the form if you have the original email that you received from Broward. In the email, there is a place to click to open and then print the form. If needed, they will give you the form when you come for the second shot, so bring a pen. On the form check off “second shot,” print and sign your name on the second page, and write “self” next to your printed name. Sydney Scheiner waited 6 hours in the car at Markham park for a second shot. Ted Edelstein waited three hours for a second shot at Snyder Park, and did not need an appointment.

(Jackson) Jackson Health System – Posted 1/27 by Donna Hall. Make an appointment at They open their site several times a week for appointments. Several locations are available, but the North Dade site is right off the turnpike and less than an hour away.

(Florida Health)  Pre-Register for the Covid-19 vaccine, to be notified when new appointments are available. Palm Beach County is not participating in this state program, but surrounding counties are, including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Martin County.

(Cleveland) Cleveland Clinic 954-659-5124 or 954-659-5950 – Posted 1/7 by Helene Feifer

(Helping Others) Posted 1/26 by Joyce Trachtenberg – Volunteers at Temple Beth El Boca Raton are helping seniors get access to the vaccine. To receive help, email Jen Greenwald at or Debi Gudema at Provide your name, phone, where you live, why you need help, and if you need transportation.

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